Notice of Public Hearing(s)


The New Lisbon Town Board will be holding two public hearings on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, followed by the regular monthly meeting.

The first hearing, at 7:00 PM will be to hear community response to a Town Board resolution to do a Qualified Abandonment of Blue Jay Hollow Spur Road.

The second hearing, at 7:15 PM will be to hear community response to proposed Local Law #1 of 2021, a Local Law Governing the Placement and Location of Driveways and Other Access Roads that Enter Upon Or To Highways Owned Or Maintained by the Town of New Lisbon.

Drafts of the resolution and local law may be picked up at the Town Clerk’s office or viewed below.

Local Law 1-2021 draft 111521

Blue Jay Hollow Spur Road

Charlene R. Wells
New Lisbon Town Clerk

November 18, 2021

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