Dust Control Policy

The town, in fulfillment of its obligations to maintain town roads, contracts with a third party vendor, currently SuitKote, to selectively apply dust control salt solutions to stabilize gravel road surfaces, to protect residents from adverse health effects of dust from gravel roads, and to minimize road dust from settling on residents’ homes and outdoor living areas, e.g., decks and patios.

The town will pay for applications of dust control solutions on through gravel roads in a single pass (approximately 12′) x approximately 300′ sections in front of houses that are visible from and within 300ft of the edge of the road .. Dead end roads will not be treated unless there are three or more houses on the road. Dust control will be applied once ‘each summer in late June to early July unless delayed due to weather conditions or vendor unavailability.

Residents who do not qualify for dust control under this policy may request the town for an exception in writing no later than June 1 of each year, with an explanation of the reasons for the request. The town board will consider such requests on a case by case basis taking into account the impact of dust on residential living areas or on human health.

At this time, the town is not offering an option for residents who do not qualify to pay for dust control but may consider this possibility in the future. Persons who want to opt out of dust control can do so by written request to the town board no later than June 1 of each year.

This dust control policy will apply to buildings and spaces occupied by retail and other businesses if there are employees, clients, or other persons on premises during business operations in the same way that it is applied to houses. The Town Board authorizes application of dust control along the entire length of the campground on West Turtle Lake Road in order to help stabilize the road bed and to protect the health and enjoyment of campers.

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