Recycling Question

Presently in the Town of New Lisbon residents must either hire a waste hauler for their trash & recyclables or take them themselves to the Oneonta or Cooperstown transfer stations.

Residents may also take recyclables only to surrounding towns that have County recycling bins. In Hartwick the recycling bins are located at the town hall/hwy. barn in the hamlet of Hartwick.  They are open everyday from 6AM to 6PM.  In Morris, the transfer station is on Card Road.  It is open on Thursday from 8:00AM to Noon and Saturday from 8:00AM to 2:00 PM. The Pittsfield/Burlington transfer station is on Mumbalo Road off of County Rt. 49.  It is open on Saturday from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM. These sites in other towns will only take recyclables from New Lisbon residents.

The Town Board has been requested to consider having a recycling bin in the Town of New Lisbon.  It would most likely be set at the Highway Garage in Garrattsville.  The County would provide the bin at no cost to the Town.  The Town would have to decide on hours it would be open.  The only cost to the Town would be if someone threw in garbage with the recyclables, we would have to pay for the entire bin as garbage. The Town may decide to hire a person to monitor the bin when it was open and keep it locked at other times.

The Town Board wants to hear from residents if they feel they have a need for this service.  If you currently have a trash hauler, they also take your recyclables.  If you take your own garbage to the transfer station, you also take your recyclables.  Please contact Town Board members Robert Taylor-293-7716, Connie Chase- 965-8460, Joseph Gregory -293-7303, John Pegg- 244-0275 or Robert Eklund -263-2375 or Town Clerk Charlene Wells-965-8508 if you feel the Town Board should consider having a recycling bin of our own.

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