TENTATIVE AGENDA – September 13, 2016 • New Lisbon Town Board

7:00 PM…..audit bills

7:30 PM…..regular meeting


  1. Minutes from August 9, 2016.
  2. Highway Business.
  3. Open Floor to public.
  4. Rep. Meg Kennedy updates.
  5. Land Use Enforcement Officer Report.
  6. Supervisor Updates.
  7. Correspondence received.
  8. Update on Broadband (IDA meeting).
  9. Update on solar farm regulation drafting progress.
  10. Approve paying bills.
  11. Set date for 2017 Tentative Budget meeting. (Tentative Budget is presented to Board as prepared by Budget Officer & then Board works on it together).
  12. Board of Review-reappoint Edward Dawyot, need one more person for Flo’s vacant spot.
  13. Any other old or new business.
  14. Open floor to public.
  15. Adjoun.



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