Tentative Agenda – Town Board Meeting

MAY 9, 2017

7:00 PM……….Audit bills

7:15 PM………Public Hearing on Solar Energy Farm-Local Law #2

7:30 PM……….Regular Monthly Meeting

  1. Minutes from April 11, 2017.
  2. Planning Board referral—Alan Johnson-subdivision #1-2017.
  3. Tim Hunt from Cazenovia—presentation on his equipment replacement program.
  4. Highway Business. (Grader, Stella damaged trucks)
  5. Open floor to public.
  6. Rep. Meg Kennedy updates.
  7. Land Use Enforcement officer report.
  8. Supervisor Updates.
  9. State Mandate/Shared Services with County.
  10. Committee Updates.
  11. Texas State Forest trail day—July 1st.
  12. Reappoint Matthew Palmer to new term on Planning Board.
  13. Need a new person for the Board of Review.
  14. Approve paying bills.
  15. Any other old or new business.
  16. Open floor to public.
  17. Adjourn
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